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Expert rebuilding of Alternators, Starters, & A/C compressors.

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We check your starters, a/c

compressors & alternators for FREE !

Expert Team That Can Provide You With the Right Solutions

Your alternators charges your battery and this is what powers your vehicle’s charging system.  Your starter is what turns you engine over. When you find that your vehicle is having any of the problems mentioned below, come visit our team of qualified experts at Alternator Depot in Las Vegas. We have been serving the community for over 7 years now!

Honest Diagnose & Service Without Breaking Your Wallet

  • Problems getting your vehicle started ?

  • Your vehicle makes a clicking noise when you turn the key ?

  • You think your battery might be dead ?

  • Your warning lights in the dash are lighting up ?

  • Your car just refuses to turn over ?

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A+ Customer Service

If you’re looking for a locally operated rebuilder shop in Las Vegas, come to us. We’re family-owned as well, this mean we give your vehicle the special attention it deserves, unlike large chains.  

Get help before your vehicle stalls and leaves you stranded!  

Get speedy and accurate assistance. Call us now:

Come experience honest and professional services from a well-trained team ready to look into the issues related to your alternators, generators, starters, a/c compressors and batteries.

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