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Expert rebuilding of Alternators, Starters, & A/C compressors.

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A/C Compressor Keep Your Systems in Top Condition

An ac compressor is a mechanical pump, the AC compressor driven by a belt separates the high pressure and the low pressure sides of the air conditioning system. The belt also known as the AC compressor pulley is engaged and disengaged to the compressor by an electromagnetic clutch. Pumping the refrigerant in a closed loop system, the  AC compressor plays a very important function of controlling the flow of refrigerant throughout the system. The  AC compressor draws the refrigerant from the evaporator in low pressure side, compresses and pumps at high pressure to the condenser. If your AC compressor has got some problem, then you can find it from belt-slipping noise and clutch burning smell under the dash.




We offer many types of air conditioning compressors from MEI Airsource, Motorcraft and AC Delco. Types of air conditioning compressors used in heavy duty trucks include reciprocating, upright made by Blissfield, Tecumseh and York, also rotary types of air conditioning compressors are Sanden, Sankyo, Seltec, Diesel KIKI and Zexel and others.  


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Located in Las Vegas, NV, we have been helping to keep local business's running smoothly for over 7 years. You can trust us to service any type of AC compressor equipment. Receive a FREE inspection Call us NOW!

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A/C Compressor Maintenance

Reach out to us for repairing the alternator ac compressors or starter of your heavy duty equipment, cars, or any apparatus.

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